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My passion for gems began at age five, breaking open rocks in my backyard to find the hidden gems inside. Since that early age, I have followed the path of gemstones and jewelry becoming a Jewelry Designer, receiving a Graduate Gemology degree from GIA, BS of Economics and Advanced Crystal Healing Certification with Katrina Raphael.  I also study with the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy - Kurt Schnaubelt, practice Jikiden Reiki and Universal Kabbalah with the Modern Mystery School.  I am a middle grade author/speaker of the children's book The Adventure's of Julia the Generosity Genie - Hunt for the Green Jade Mask.  The children learn about the Mayan culture, the gemstone jade, and living a life of peace, play, power, passion, and prosperity.

My adventures have taken me around the world, studying various cultures, ceremonies, rituals, alchemy, and ancient and mysterious ruins. The most rewarding experiences have been using the power of light, color, and the high energetic frequencies of gemstones to heal, rejuvenate, and cleanse the aura, cells, organs, and emotional aspects of the body.  We connect with their higher God-self for divine healing and transformation. This information and knowledge resides in the 90% of the brain we have yet to understand.  We would not have computers if it were not for these amazing crystals.  I have created Miraria Products for your face, body, and home, made with the healing vibration of love and Earth's precious gem, plant, flower, and stem essences.


Miraria is a healing line of face, body, and home products created with 100% natural plant, flower, stem extracts, and gemstones.  My passion and understanding of the wisdom and healing modality of gemstones and alchemy combined with plant and flower essences all residing on this precious planet has culimated in the creation of Miraria. All created with the frequency and power of love to revitalize and nourish our face and body.  When we begin to feed our skin 100% natural healthy pure ingredients, our body will heal and rejuvenate, we will feel this at a deep soul level, our spirit intuitively knows the healing benefits and we experience the visable results!

Miraria Gem Healing Sprays each contain a Lemurian Quartz Crystal programmed with its corresponding Spray such as Love, Joy, Healing, and more. Each Spray also contains another gemstone, for example a Pink Quartz in the LOVE Spray and a Ruby in the POWER & PASSION Spray.

Miraria's products contain no parabens, preservatives, sulfates, or phthalates, and are vegetarian and cruelty free.  They are made with love for the benefit of our powerful mind, body, and spirit.

May you honor your body and feel the difference with Miraria Gems, Jewelry and Healing!

Love and blessings,



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