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On the Wings of Love…The Butterfly Collection™ is inspired by the wonderment created by the beauty of the dancing Butterflies. The Butterfly represents freedom of expression, boldness and creativity. These pieces were made to inspire gratitude for freedom and compassion for those without it…and hope that someday we all will experience Freedom. The Collection is made of 18kt White and Yellow Gold sparkling with Diamonds and Blue Sapphires…some pieces sprinkled with Tsavorite Garnets, Yellow Sapphires and Tanzanite’s. Hidden in the shank of every ring and bracelet lies the “Mystery” Diamond known only for  the wearers pleasure. 

Price ranges from approximately $680 to $4,500.

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The inspiration for my collection Quintessence is based on the simple beauty of nature. Quintessence is filled with images of clouds, ocean waves and celestial themes interpreted in pearls, platinum, diamonds, and 18kt gold. Quintessence is the fifth element or the absolute essence of the four natural elements: air, water, earth, and fire. The designs are inspired by these elements: Cirrus - wispy clouds full of movement and body; Sey Chelle - ocean islands flowering with shells; Crescent - distant moons reflection light; Flambe - flames of sensuality and passion. The materials used are elements of platinum - rarity and strength, pearls - romantic and mysterious, diamonds - purity and immortality, and 18kt gold - femininity and beauty. The designs are accented with pave or bezel set diamonds and Tahitian, South Sea or cultured pearls. These pieces are some of the earth's most precious gifts to man.


Price ranges from approximately $800 to $50,000.

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Click the Thumbnails to see larger versions of the photos for each collection.

The Butterfly Collection

Fleur De Nuit

Fleurs du Nuit or Flowers of the Evening is inspired by the beauty of nature in the form of brightly colored sapphires and rubies set with accents of paved diamonds in 18kt white & yellow gold.  The Petite Fleur, Little Flower has petals of rubies, blue, pink and yellow sapphires or diamonds with the center bezel set diamond.  The Grand Fleur, Large Flower has beautiful accents of paved diamonds at the tips with larger oval rubies, blue, pink or yellow sapphires.  Hidden in the shank of every ring is a mystery diamond next to a hand written signature.  The collection is created to be feminine, wearable and of the finest quality.

Price ranges from approximately $800 to $10,000.


The Unity Collection

The Beauty of Peace - long the universal symbol of peace, the gracious, and spirited serene shape of the Dove is a soaring image of hope. The Dove inspires hope, unity and the magic of the spirit in flight. This gentle, simple jewelry radiates with the focus of purity and tranquility. Meticulously crafted in platinum, white and yellow gold or sterling silver, the doves of peace usher in a new era of loving connections between all people. Inspire unity with the universal symbol of peace, the dove.


Price ranges from approximately $45 to $8,400.

Tahitian Dreams

Pearls are the ocean's precious wonder. We all love them because they are boundless in beauty and timeless in style. As a designer, I have tried to capture their brilliant luster, smooth yet soft touch and natural uniqueness into my Tahitian Dream Collection. One variety of pearls I have chosen to work with are Black Tahitian Pearls, which come from the black-lipped oyster, Pinctada Margaritifera in the South Pacific between Australia and South America. I love working with them because they come in a variety of overtones, shapes and sizes. The most prized colors are peacock green, aubergine, purple and marine blue, the rarest shape is round, and the size ranges from 8 to 14 mm.Please care for your pearls with their aquatic natural origins in mind. Avoid exposing them to abrasives, chlorine, perfumes, hairsprays, or anything sharp or acidic. Rinse them with fresh chlorine-free water and wipe them clean with a soft cloth. The Tahitian Dream Satin Collection can be rinsed carefully with (but not soaked in) mild soap and rinsed thoroughly. A pearl from the South Seas is a marvel of nature and a wonderful mystery of our seas. Let my collection be a little part of a Tahitian Dream we can keep close to us everyday!


Price ranges from approximately $150 to $15,000.

Jewels De La Jardin

Jewels de la Jardin or Jewels of the Garden is inspired by the wonderful array of shapes and colors found in our own gardens. The purples of pansies & lilacs become tanzanite’s, amethysts, and rhodalite garnets. The reds of roses & peonies show up as rubies and garnets. The greens of leaves and grass arise as peridot and emerald. The blues of iris’s & blue bonnets become turquoise and sapphires. The yellow of daffodils & sunflowers become citrine and yellow sapphire. Some of the pieces are large gemstones with abstract shapes; whereas, other pieces are little briolettes or teardrops & spherical in shape. This collection is created to enhance and inspire your connection to the beauty that surrounds you on a daily basis.


Price ranges from approximately $400 to $5,000.

Gents Jewelry

Gents Jewelry…I love designing beautiful cufflinks for men. It is very masculine and sexy to see a man dressed with a pair of striking cuffs at his wrist. All made in 18kt white and yellow gold with precious gemstones such as Blue Star Sapphires and Cabochon Rubies, and accents of diamonds. Please, let me know if you are interested for yourself!


Prices begin at $300.

Belly Rings

Belly Ring Jewelry…another fun passion for me is creating sexy belly rings. These pieces are made of precious gemstones of diamonds, emeralds, & sapphires set in 18kt yellow and white gold. We will custom make them for you.


Prices begin at $500.

Custom Jewelry

Custom Jewelry…there is nothing I like more than creating a beautiful and powerful piece of jewelry inspired by your creativity. I love to render and make the design “real” on paper before we move forward & hand create the design - bringing it into the physical world. You may enjoy this more than you can imagine.


Prices begin at $1,000

The Thrive Collection

Copper Gemstone Bracelets

Copper aids in the formation of collagen maintaining youth, acts as an anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, bactericidal, boosts the immune system, and plays a role in energy production. Gemstones emit a frequency and energetic vibration that work with our bodies to Thrive.
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