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Announcing, MIRARIA Face & Body Products for Men & Women!

I am so excited to announce, MIRARIA, my new line of Face & Body Products for Men & Women that are all Natural, Organic, no paraben preservatives, no sulfates, no phthalates, vegetarian & cruelty free. All from Nature and so very good for your skin! A year ago, I began to really research the products I was placing on my skin. What I found alarmed me. Our skin is our largest organ and what we place on our skin is absorbed into our body. I could no longer in good consciousness use those products on myself or my daughter...and created my own line, MIRARIA. Wonderfully, people Love them! I have been selling my products for the last 6 months and just finished updating my website to be able to sell directly on line. We had so much fun shooting the products, I have posted some photo's on Facebook. I have created Gem Healing Sprays to spray directly onto your face which contain a Lemurian Quartz Crystal along with another gemstone that goes with the spray. For example, LOVE Gem Helaing Spray also has a Pink Quartz to stimulate Self Love. I have a 20% L'Absorbic Vitamin C with Ferulic Acid that you use after washing your face then use an amazing Organic Face Oil that everyone is loving which nourishes and rids of wrinkles! And wonderful Body Oils that absorb easily, non-greasy, to be used instead of cream or lotions. I also have Excema Oil, Back Pain Oil, Deodorant, Firming Anti-Celullite Body Oil, Perfume and more. I hope you love my products as much as I do! MIRARIA is made with Love. May you honor your body and feel the difference! Many blessings, Deborah

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